Terms & Conditions


CROWN LEADERSHIP INTERNATIONAL GROUP has a thorough Terms and conditions that be followed after for any data gave to CROWN LEADERSHIP INTERNATIONAL GROUP.
In particular, your contact subtle elements will be utilized to gather a delegate list that will be utilized by: CROWN LEADERSHIP INTERNATIONAL GROUP, third party event organizers; venues and accommodation suppliers with the purpose of room appointments (if relevant); sponsors; and parties related with related event. In the case that you are a speaker, your presentation documents might be uploaded to the CROWN LEADERSHIP INTERNATIONAL GROUP website or provided to agents to view after the event.

Photography and Recording
I irreversibly approve and give CROWN LEADERSHIP INTERNATIONAL GROUP the right to: record me (picture and voice) on photographs, film and additionally video tape, for sound and visual production. (The Recording)
• alter the Recording into a photograph exhibition/short film/online course (which may incorporate different recordings and material);
• utilize my name and resemblance, voice or other information concerning me; and
• Screen or place online (counting via social media) the Recording.
I thereby discharge CROWN LEADERSHIP INTERNATIONAL GROUP from any infringement or violation of individual and/or property rights of any kind at all in rights of the utilization of the Recording.
I recognize that CROWN LEADERSHIP INTERNATIONAL GROUP possesses and shall claim all rights, title and enthusiasm (counting copyright) in the Recording.
I additionally recognize that CROWN LEADERSHIP INTERNATIONAL GROUP isn’t obliged to utilize the Recording.
I ensured that we have all power to go into this Release and that the terms of this Release do not in any conflict with any present duty on my part.
I comprehend I will get no monies for this Recording.
While under no obligation to do so, CROWN LEADERSHIP INTERNATIONAL GROUP will consider any reasonable request not to use or to stop using a particular Recording. Such requests should be made in writing.

At the time of registration, CROWN LEADERSHIP INTERNATIONAL GROUP provided the most recent information available and the delegate/speaker acknowledges that the content as well as the delivery of the event can change outside the ability to control of CROWN LEADERSHIP INTERNATIONAL GROUP. CROWN LEADERSHIP INTERNATIONAL GROUP will not take any responsibility for any mistakes, omissions and changes to the program or content of the event. CROWN LEADERSHIP INTERNATIONAL GROUP reserves all rights that is needed to make changes or roll out improvements as it deems necessary without any form of penalty and in such circumstances no refunds, part refunds or alternative offers shall be made.

1. We reserve the right to update the Disclaimer and Terms and Conditions without notice to you.
2. We are not able to control all content distributed or disseminated at the event. You may discover other delegates’ or participants’ communications, graphics, video/audio files or other information inappropriate, unseemly, hostile, hurtful, inaccurate, exploitative or misleading, however you alone are responsible for your interaction with different delegates and consent to act mindfully and practice alert, presence of mind and wellbeing while in participation at the event.
3 CROWN LEADERSHIP INTERNATIONAL GROUP, its directors, workers, servants, agents and partners should not be liable for any losses , damages , liabilities, claims or costs at all emerging out of or referable to the event.

If the person registering on behalf of a delegate/s it is the duty of that individual to advise the delegate of the terms and states of registering, for which they will consent on behalf of the delegate. Responsibility also incorporates giving full details of the delegate’s/s’ registration details as confirmed.

All Cancellations must be notified to us in writing (either by fax or email) before the cancellation can be processed. Cancellations will not be considered until the point that you have received written confirmation from us. In the event that you have not received acknowledgement within two (2) working days, please get in touch with us. If the cancellations is not received in writing, the registration will not be cancelled and full amount will remain payable.
Cancellations received in writing by CROWN LEADERSHIP INTERNATIONAL GROUP over 25 days prior to the event will be accepted and all fees refunded less $300 administrative charge will be made. No refund can be made less than25 working days before the event and the amount would stay payable in full.

Cancellations received after this date cannot be recognized and will not be refunded; nevertheless, transfer of your registration to another person is acceptable. Transfer of registration cannot happen if a registration has already been received and processed for the new delegate regardless the payment has not yet been made. The full name and address details of the new delegate must be advised in writing. Online registration received by CROWN LEADERSHIP INTERNATIONAL GROUP is considered to be confirmed by the delegate. No tentative bookings will be accepted. In the event that a delegate:
i) Does not pay any amount when due; or
ii) Delivers a written notice of cancellation to the CROWN LEADERSHIP INTERNATIONAL GROUP at any time prior to the date of the event
Such cancelation or failure to pay shall constitute a cancellation by the delegate and will promptly trigger CROWN LEADERSHIP INTERNATIONAL GROUP’s entitlement to recoup as an obligation all amounts outstanding under this Agreement.
Crown Leadership International Group CROWN LEADERSHIP INTERNATIONAL GROUP claims all authority to decline participation to any agents who have not ponies up all required funds for their delegate charges.
Should Crown Leadership International Group CROWN LEADERSHIP INTERNATIONAL GROUP scratch off an occasion, all enlistment expenses will be discounted in full. Crown Leadership International Group CROWN LEADERSHIP INTERNATIONAL GROUP acknowledges no risk for extra expenses brought about by delegates, for instance travel costs, and prescribes all representatives take out personal insurance.

Fees & Payment
Payment to attend the event must be made before the due date of the invoice to secure promotional rates or before the commencing date of event for standard rates, unless generally otherwise agreed with CROWN LEADERSHIP INTERNATIONAL GROUP. Payment can be made via cheque, bank transfer or credit card

Should, for any reason outside the control of CROWN LEADERSHIP INTERNATIONAL GROUP, the venue or speakers change or the event be cancelled, we will try to reschedule. In this example the delegate will repay and hold us innocuous from and against all costs, harms and costs. We don’t acknowledge duty regarding, and the delegate reimburses us against, any costs, charges or fines brought about by the delegate during the time spent going to the occasion. This assertion is liable to the laws of the Australian Capital Territory and consent to these terms and conditions shows acknowledgment of this reimbursement.

Registration fees exclude insurance of any kind. It is recommended that all delegates take out individual travel and medical insurance prior to attending the event. The policy should include loss of registration fees through cancellation of your participation or through cancellation of the event itself, loss of airfares for any reason, medical expenses, loss or damage to personal property, additional expenses and repatriation should travel arrangements have to be altered. CROWN LEADERSHIP INTERNATIONAL GROUP will not take any responsibility for any delegate failing to insure.

Force Majeure
Neither one of the parties should be at risk in harms or have the privilege to end this Agreement for any postponement or default in performing hereunder if such delay or caused by conditions beyond ability to control including, but not limited to Acts of God, Government restrictions (including the denial or cancellation of any export or other necessary license), wars, insurrections and/or any other cause beyond the reasonable control of the party whose performance is affected.

Entire Agreement
Subject to any amendments specified in subsequent event order forms or terms and conditions, the event order form and these terms and conditions constitute the entire agreement between the parties and supersede all prior discussions, negotiations and agreements in relation to the event.