Workplace Culture for Public Sector Masterclass

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21st May 2024



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Creating a high-performance culture in the workplace can be challenging, and it may feel like trying to hold onto smoke. However, there is good news – it is possible to achieve a great culture with the right tools, systems, and processes.

Amanda Rosazza, a Corporate Culture Champion, and the creator of The Culture Cure Framework, can guide you through this journey.

In her Masterclass Amanda will help you understand the key components of a successful culture and provide you with the necessary tools to achieve it. It’s not just about understanding what makes a culture great, but also about making a commitment to creating a world-class culture that your team can be proud of.

Join Amanda as she empowers you to take control of your organizational culture and create a work environment that fosters high performance. With her guidance, you can build a culture that brings out the best in your team and drives success for your organisation.

Learning Objectives

After visiting this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Understand what the key components of Workplace Culture are
  • Create or redefine Core Values, Vision and Mission and have them become a “common language” throughout the organisation
  • Develop Team Synergy in both in person and hybrid working environments
  • Foster a Culture of Learning and Development so team members CAN do and WANT to do their best work.
  • Promote diversity, equity and inclusion throughout the workforce.
  • Focus on Leadership to foster high performance cultures
  • Create a world-class employee experience to promote retention
  • Measure and monitor culture for greater results

Featuring Our Speakers

Amanda Rosazza

Culture Change Champion

The Culture Cure

As of October 2022, Amanda has supported 100+ organizations and 3000+ humans. Not only she is creating custom culture solutions, but she also personally delivers those solutions – so she knows what works and what doesn’t.

She practices what she preaches. She teaches what she knows from personal training, coaching and facilitation success and better still, what she learns each and every day from working with her clients. This is tested out in the real world. She brings high energy and passion to every project she works on, and she is fun and friendly to work with. No challenge too big, no job too small.

She is UNcorporate, UNconventional and UNboring. You don’t need another stuffy, bark information at you, death by powerpoint corporate trainer. That won’t work. You need something different. And that different is HER. For her, a successful project doesn’t just teach the participants a new set of skills and tools – it’s about shifting hearts and minds for the better. She makes sure this happens in every project she delivers.

Her top-performing clients know that training and development cannot be left to chance. They care about their people, and they want to empower their teams to do their best work AND be passionate about doing it. They are ready to invest in their organisation to take it to the next level and want someone who knows people, knows business and knows personal and professional development to take them there.

The Process: The Culture Cure™ is primarily focused around 3 pillars that all organisations should take into consideration. She can help you with each one so that we are creating massive change within your organisation.

Leadership Experience, Employee Experience, and Customer Experience

She will give your leaders the tools they need to create a great EX, so their team provides a great CX.

She can’t wait to learn more about you, your organisation and how can work together to create something amazing.

Who should attend?

This workshop is for leaders in the public sector who are curious to discover how to create a culture of high performance through a systems and process driven yet centric approach, including these job titles:

  • Director
  • CEO/MD
  • Team Leaders
  • HR Director
  • Manager
  • Head of HR
  • Chief HR
  • Head of/Director of People and Culture
  • General Manager

Topics Covered

  • Introduction to Workplace Culture in the Public Sector
  • Creating a Positive Workplace Culture in the Public Sector
  • Managing Change and Innovation in the Public Sector Workplace
  • Ethical Leadership and Decision-Making in the Public Sector Workplace
  • Measuring and Assessing Workplace Culture in the Public Sector

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