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17th Sep 2024



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In today’s dynamic business landscape, harnessing the power of a remote workforce is no longer a fringe benefit, but a strategic necessity. The post-pandemic world has seen a surge in the desire for flexible work arrangements (FWA), with employees increasingly prioritizing this factor when seeking new opportunities. This one-day masterclass, specifically designed for experienced business and people leaders, equips you with the knowledge and tools needed to implement a thriving FWA model.

This immersive program goes beyond theory, offering a data-driven exploration of the benefits of FWA, including increased employee satisfaction, talent acquisition advantages, and potential cost savings.  We’ll delve into change management methodologies, providing you with actionable tactics to overcome any resistance and effectively shift mindsets and behaviors within your organization.

Creating a successful FWA model goes beyond simply allowing employees to work remotely.  You’ll learn expert strategies for managing and collaborating with remote teams, fostering a sense of connection and ensuring continued high performance.  Discover how to leverage cutting-edge technologies to enhance productivity, communication, and security within your remote workforce and develop frameworks to measure and optimize your FWA program for ongoing success

Learning Objectives

  • Define Sustainable Flexible Work Models:  Explore the various flexible work arrangements (WFH, hybrid, flex-time) and their suitability for different business needs.
  • Identify Benefits and Challenges:  Analyze the potential benefits (increased productivity, talent acquisition, cost savings) and challenges (communication, collaboration, cybersecurity) associated with FWA.
  • Develop a FWA Policy:  Craft a comprehensive FWA policy outlining eligibility, expectations, equipment provisions, and communication protocols.
  • Promote a Culture of Trust:  Discuss strategies for fostering trust and accountability within a FWA environment.
  • Master Remote Team Management:  Learn effective techniques for managing remote teams, including setting clear goals, providing regular feedback, and facilitating collaboration.
  • Leverage Technology for Success:  Explore communication and collaboration tools that can enhance productivity and teamwork in a FWA setting.
  • Ensure Workplace Wellbeing:  Address strategies for promoting employee well-being in a FWA environment, including preventing burnout and encouraging healthy work-life boundaries.
  • Measure and Evaluate FWA Effectiveness:  Develop methods to assess the success of the FWA model, including employee satisfaction, productivity metrics, and cost analyses.

Featuring Our Speakers

Our Lead Trainer:





Ee Ke Chew


lead HCD Ltd

An accomplished thought leader and change agent in people and organizational system development with a multi-cultural and widely diverse business background.  Proficient in developing high performing leaders and teams, organizational transformation and generating an environment that enable people to be at their best.

Ee-Ke is the founder and principal consultant with Lead Human-Centered Development, a boutique consultancy firm specializing in leadership and organizational development through a focus in applied behavioral science and organizational dynamics.  With more than 25 years of diverse business and management experiences before moving into the organizational development space, Ee-Ke brings with him deep expertise in group dynamics, best practices and an understanding of real world challenges to support leaders to create healthy and high performing organizations.

Ee-Ke serves on the board of directors of NTL Institute, a global non-profit organization founded by Kurt Lewin in 1947 that advances the field of applied behavioral science towards social justice and organizational development.  He is also certified as an Professional Coach with ICF and volunteers his time as a psychotherapist working with low income families.  He is also an advocate of life-long learning, and will be embarking on his PhD journey with the National Institute of Organization Dynamics Australia.

Who should attend?

Business Leaders, Team Managers, Human Resources, Employee/Employment Relations, Industrial Relation, Workplace Relations, People and Culture, Workforce Management

Topics Covered

  • Setting the Stage for FWA Success
  • Crafting a FWA Policy Framework with Change in Mind
  • Building Trust and Managing Remote Teams with a Change Mindset
  • Technology and Tools for FWA Success and Change
  • Measuring Success and Ongoing Support for Change
  • Additional Considerations

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