Organisational Change Management for the Public Sector Masterclass

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23rd Oct 2024



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The Crown Leadership Group stages high-end and bespoke training seminars to C-Suite executives and other leaders in the corporate sector. Their signature quality Masterclass programs offer a unique blend of science-based, informative, and interactive day-long seminars that delivers useful, engaging and impactful leadership and management know-how.

This class is suitable for leaders who are either in charge or participating in their organisational development and change management processes. That said, as the whole domain of leadership grapples with the disruptive nature of modern commerce and public service, anyone who is leading an organisation, a team, or a project through the process of transitioning an organisation or a workgroup from current to a planned future state, should be well-versed in the theory and practice of Change Management and will benefit from this applied Masterclass.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the dynamics of change in the public sector environment.
  • Develop a structured approach to planning and implementing change initiatives.
  • Build a strong case for change, articulating the benefits and addressing potential risks.
  • Effectively communicate change initiatives to gain stakeholder buy-in.
  • Foster a culture of collaboration and engagement throughout the change process.
  • Identify and address resistance to change using evidence-based strategies.
  • Lead and mentor teams through change transitions.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of change initiatives and ensure their long-term sustainability.
  • Analyze stakeholder engagement for successful change.
  • Leverage data and metrics to measure change progress.
  • Promote a learning culture for continuous improvement.

Featuring Our Speakers






Michael Bartura

Executive Coaching

Happy Habits Coaching

Michael has been involved in lifestyle education, health & wellness promotion, training and organisational development since the mid-Eighties. With close to 20 years of management experience in four continents, he brings to the table a wellrefined cross-cultural mentoring capacity and a managerial acumen amassed in both not-for-profit and business contexts. He has extensive experience in Mindfulness practices and delivers insightful and engaging training seminars and groupwork through nondenominational science-based methodologies.

In earlier years, Michael worked as a therapist and a trainer in clinics and centres in Australia, UK, the US and Canada. Later, he undertook senior managerial roles in international businesses and charities. In his last full-time role, as a manager for the East West Learning Centre in Singapore, he focused on designing platforms to deliver an integrated Mind-Body approach to leadership education. Last year he oversaw the TeamUp program – a unique coaching journey designed to counter stress and build resilience in charities. In Australia, he runs his own coaching and training practice – anchored in Executive Presence and Transformational Leadership, he has facilitated his signature training style to individuals and organisations from the business and public sectors. He is particularly adept at providing value for trainings in complex situations involving multiple stakeholders and policy constraints.

Michael was a member of the core faculty of the School of Life in Melbourne and the development team for the new Ripple Affect Institute. He recently co-wrote and facilitated an Interconnected Leadership Program for the Small Giants Academy, and regularly trains for other organisations in Australia and Asia. Besides a variety of certificates and diplomas in holistic therapies, Michael holds a Master’s degree in Management from Macquarie Graduate School of Management. He is a passionate and skillful coach and has been and associate of the Asian leadership Institute for close to 20 years.


Who should attend?

  • Public Service Managers and Team Leaders: Individuals responsible for leading and managing change initiatives within their teams.
  • Project Managers: Project managers leading projects that involve significant change for the organization.
  • Policy Officers: Individuals involved in developing and implementing new policies that require organizational change.
  • Senior Public Servants: Leaders who play a key role in championing and driving strategic change within their agencies.
  • Public Service Professionals Across All Levels: Anyone who wants to develop a deeper understanding of change management principles and how to navigate change effectively in the public sector.

Topics Covered

  • Introduction to this program on Change Management and the nature of change processes in the human mind
  • The Landscape of Change in the Public Sector
  • Planning and Implementing Change
  • Communication and Engagement
  • Leading Change Teams
  • Charting Your Vision for the Road Ahead
  • Learning Outcomes – By the end of this course, participants will be able to: