Managing and Leading a Hybrid Team Masterclass

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26th Apr 2022



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Brisbane CBD , Australia



Our current world-wide health challenges have led to different business models and significant changes in our workplaces.  Over the last 18 months many organisations have had to move their people to remote locations.  Some have found it fairly simple but most have experienced cultural challenges.  It has certainly been a steep learning curve in management and leadership skills development.

And now that many of your staff are staying remote while others return to your business location, we need to look for common threads that will continue to develop community and commitment in our teams, while we continue to upskill our leadership capabilities to more easily manage the new challenge of hybrid.

We now literally have not just one workplace to manage and lead, but many.  If our work-lives were challenged pre-Covid, they have gone to a whole new level.

Catherine Palin-Brinkworth has led a business advisory and training organisation for several decades.  She specialises in leadership development and change facilitation.  Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from a global expert.

Learning Objectives

  • Following this workshop, participants will be able to develop their management strategies to gain peak productivity and results from their people, whether remote or in location.
  • Participants will be guided to check and challenge their current systems for dual applicability.
  • This program will provide an environment where managers feel comfortable about sharing their challenges, so that they can access potential solutions from a range of sources.
  • Our facilitator will ensure continual engagement using proven leadership skills, modelling and debriefing the management behaviour required for hybrid teams
  • By the completion of this workshop, participants will be able to confidently confirm role descriptions and expectations, for their team members both remote and in location.
  • After our time together, participants will be familiar with the Change Cycle and be able to plot their team members’ positions and explore potential improvements.
  • Once participants have engaged with the content and opportunities in this program, they will understand the importance of workplace culture, and how to grow commitment and understanding.
  • Participants will gain insights into facilitating the integration of remote and location workers, as a cohesive and mutually supportive team.

Featuring Our Speakers

Catherine Palin-Brinkworth

Behavioural Scientist, Leadership Coach, Keynote Speaker and Change Facilitator.

Progress Performance International

Catherine is an in-demand international speaker, leadership mentor and business growth strategist.   She has spoken on platforms in 14 countries, and has trained and mentored many thousands of emerging leaders and business owners.

Speaking from experience, Catherine has lived a life of personal leadership from corporate to consulting, from business development to boardroom, from professional firms to national and international associations.  From an original accountancy background, she had a successful corporate marketing career, then left to grow her own business consultancy. She soon added a business skills training organisation while her presence on international platforms grew quickly.  In 2003 she was elected to the role of International President of the Global Speakers Federation.  She is a Certified Speaking Professional, a member of the Speakers’ Hall of Fame and a Global Speaking Fellow.

Raising her son as a sole parent, Catherine completed her Master’s Degree in Social Ecology and several other behavioural sciences qualifications as she led two international associations and travelled the world as a speaker and business advisor.  How did she do it?   Let her share with you the business and leadership strategies, systems and skillsets she has developed over the last 20+ years.  They are pure gold.

Who should attend?

All leaders and managers who have accepted the responsibility of leading a hybrid team, concerned about productivity and performance.