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25th Sep 2024



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Leaders at all levels are today operating in a turbulent environment of Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity, and more so than ever before.

The role of the leadership and their leadership has never been more critical and important to success for the organisation, its people and success. Leaders now have to navigate this VUCA environment often on a daily and at times an hourly basis.

Many leaders and organizations have begun to recognize that fragmented, incomplete approaches are inadequate for today’s multidimensional, multilayered, ever-changing leadership challenges.

Given the sheer complexity of today’s organization’s problems, it is no longer tenable to simply try to “plug-and-play” the latest management fad from a current bestseller. Experience shows this random approach to Leadership  Development hinders as often as it helps. Organizations can no longer afford the unintended and often expensive consequences of unintegrated approaches to Leadership Development.

It does not matter which industry, private or public, the challenge of managing complexity is not going away and will in all likelihood increase in intensity.

Learning Objectives

Participants will develop the capability to:

  • Understand the nature of Volitility Uncertainty Complexity and Ambiguity and how it impacts the quality of Leadership
  • Begin to apply an integrated approach to Leadership
  • Demonstrate understanding their own and others perspectives
  • Learn the role Leaders play in establishing appropriate productive cultures and how and what to leverage change
  • Able to apply the fundamental Collaborative Accountability System
  • Learn about leadership behavioural style
  • Expand their behavioural repertoire
  • Recognise how the above outcomes lead to Professional Excellence

Featuring Our Speakers






Michael Griffiths

Director & Owner

Cornerstone Integral Solutions

Michael is a Director and Founder of one of Australia’s boutique organizational and leadership development consulting firms. Michael has over 35 years of consulting experience in which he has consulted with a vast range of clients in a variety of industries and countries including in a range of elite corporate environments and educational institutions.

Michael has a unique ability to work at all levels of an organisation from a CEO in the heart of the Melbourne CBD through to a frontline operator at a mine site in northern Queensland or teachers and students in the education system. Over the many years of consulting experience, Michael has been able to develop close partnerships and relationships with his clients such that he has become a trusted adviser and typically continues to work with his clients no matter what organisation they belong to and over long periods of time.

He has driven many cultural transformation projects across small, medium, and large corporate clients both in Australia and Internationally. He believes that cultural transformation must consider the nuances of people’s behavior rather than take a blanket generic approach that many organizations take. Likewise, his approach to Leadership Development is similar in that the development of both individual perspective and behavioral capability is critical to the effectiveness of any leadership approach.

His driving philosophy in his consulting approach is a firm belief in the untapped potential of people in organisations and that the role of an effective consultant is facilitating the growth of that potential and therefore maximizing an organisations potential.

As a founder and director of a consulting organization with Integral Theory as the heart of the consulting approach and with qualifications and a background in organizational, performance and sport psychology, Michael has been instrumental in developing what has become known as an Integral approach to organizational, community and coaching development.

Michael firmly believes that the Integral Framework as developed by Ken Wilbur is the most important advancement in contemporary organizational and individual development practices today. This is particularly important when organisations and institutions are wanting to expand individual perspectives and evolve collective cultures. The application of this approach to all areas of corporate life is unique and Michael is passionate about working with individuals and teams who are wanting to take their performance to a level beyond where they have been.

Michael has qualifications in Psychology and Sociology with Graduate Diploma in Social Psychology, Performance Science, and a Masters in Organisational Psychology and is a current member of the Australian Psychology Society







John Eklund


Cornerstone Integral Solutions

John Eklund is a Director and Founder of Cornerstone Integral Solutions, a unique consultancy whose aim is to partner with clients to lead, engage and align their people in a sustainable, humane and integral way.

He has over 30 years of consulting experience in many of Australia’s leading organisations, private and public, and has designed, implemented, and facilitated practical and sustainable consulting interventions at the individual, team and organisational level. His experience has ranged across many industries including but not limited to:

  • Mining
  • Construction
  • Energy
  • Finance
  • Government
  • Telecommunications

His major focus is on using the unique, transformative and integrative capacities of Integral theory and practice, combined with Requisite Organisation principles and systems and Thinking Environment techniques. He does this in ways that assist organisations to deal with the complexity they face in today’s changing world particularly when developing adaptive solutions and managing ambiguity.

John has a unique ability to work at all levels of an organisation from a CEO to a frontline operator at a mine site in north of Western Australia. Over many years of consulting experience, he has been able to develop relationships with his clients such that he has become a trusted adviser and typically continues to work with his clients even as they move to new organisations.

John qualifications are a Bachelor of Economics degree and Graduate Diploma in Organisation Behaviour, completed Training and Assessment TAE40110 plus being trained by many leading experts in their respective fields including:

  • Malcolm Knowles – Adult Learning
  • Ken Blanchard – Situational Leadership
  • Richard Beckhard – Managing Change
  • Clayton Lafferty – Founder Human Synergistics

From the design and facilitation of an organisation’s strategy, structure and future staffing needs to meet the ever-increasing complexity John’s clients face to developing organisation cultures that allow for the creation of collaborative and productive ways of working together, his strength is creating interventions that ensure organisations ascend to more highly effective levels of performance.

John has worked individually and in teams designing and delivering significant Organisation Transformation and Leadership Development projects as both an employee in large organisations and as a consultant. He has unique experience in the mining, construction and energy industries working for a number of Australia’s largest companies. He also headed up the Learning and Development area for two of Australia’s major organisations.

Who should attend?

  • Director
  • Senior/ Regional/ General Manager
  • Senior Program Manager
  • Coordinator or Inspector
  • Senior Advisor / Adviser
  • Senior Project Officer, Senior Policy Officer/ Manager
  • Manager
  • Specialists

Topics Covered

  • Understanding Perspective for Professional Excellence
  • Leadership and Culture
  • Collaborative Accountability System (CAS)
  • Experiencing behavioural aspects of CAS
  • Professional Excellence