Delivering Policy Under Pressure Masterclass

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21st Jun 2022


LIVE Webinar (Half Day)

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Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane  (GMT+10): 9am to 1pm

Adelaide (GMT+9:30): 8.30am to 1.30pm

Perth, Singapore, Malaysia (GMT+8): 7am to 11am

New Zealand (GMT+12): 11am to 3pm



Government policy-making frequently occurs under significant time pressures and high expectations for outcomes from stakeholders and the broader community.  Policy professionals must build their ability to operate in volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA) environments while still meeting expectations around rigour and good governance.

In order to respond to this challenge, policy and project professionals working in government should build the toolkit required to deliver policy quickly and under high pressure.  This requires skills in delivering both technical and cultural change as part of policy-making practice.  Policy-makers must reflect on the changing needs of government, learn from other fields about how pressure impacts their work, and develop the skills and experience that they must acquire to meet these challenges.

This half-day masterclass will explore the impact of time pressure on the traditional policy cycle drawing on insights from the fields of public sector management, policy theory and crisis management.  The masterclass will encourage practitioners to reflect on their own professional context and actively plan for how they can contribute to better policy under pressure.

Learning Objectives

  • Consider the current government policy-making context
  • Understand the policy cycle and how it is impacted under pressure
  • Explore high profile government case studies of policy under pressure
  • Consider how experience from crisis management can be applied to policy
  • Reflect on your own professional context to identify how pressure is experienced
  • Identify the key drivers of pressure in your department or agency
  • Explore options to respond to pressures and deliver policy in your context
  • Build a plan to translate course content into practice

Featuring Our Speakers

Eleanor Williams

Executive Director

Strategy & Policy, Mental Health and Wellbeing Division 

Department of Health

Eleanor Williams is a public policy and evaluation professional with over 15 years’ experience working with the public sector. Eleanor is currently the Executive Director of Policy and Strategy at the Victorian Department of Health. She previously held executive level roles in the Department of Health’s Covid-19 Directions Policy Unit and Centre for Evaluation and Research Evidence.

Eleanor holds Masters level qualifications in Evaluation, Public Policy and Management and has guest lectured for the University of Melbourne.   Eleanor co-founded the Australian Public Sector Evaluation Network and is a Board member of the Australian Evaluation Society.

Who should attend?

Government policy and project professionals working in high pressure or time constrained contexts who want to build their skills in delivering high quality policy.

Topics Covered

  • Government policy-making context
  • What we can learn from crisis management
  • Reflective practice