Data Visualisation & Storytelling in 8 Hours Masterclass

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20th Sep 2022



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Storytelling is an art that has been around as long as humans.  The words, the cadence, the visuals.  Stories engage our minds and our hearts and many areas of our brains as we listen.  Data is a snapshot of measureable details from given points in time that are utilised to communicate logical facts. The art of data visualisation and storytelling is not new, for example, it was used by Florence Nightingale to demonstrate the impact of poor sanitary conditions impacting patient health and used to drive change.  If you want to create change, influence others or share knowledge you need to be able to combine facts with emotive story to drive changes in behaviour. These skills are becoming more and more sought after and necessary for most roles.  This course provides you with the essential skills required to take data and transform it into a meaningful story that will have real influence.  It will take you through the important aspects of visualising data, provide you techniques to understand your audience and an ability to formulate data into a well curated story

Learning Objectives

  • Learn the importance of, and how to create a clear problem statement
  • Gather techniques for understanding your audience and their drivers
  • Learn to include context and the importance of context in the story setting
  • Explore secrets of design fundamentals including graph selection, colour choice and layout
  • Master the art and science of creating focus and a call to action
  • Discover how the brain receives and stores information for recall
  • Learn how the experts create an informative and appealing narrative
  • Develop fundamental skills in analytics

Featuring Our Speakers

Rachel Fojtik

Managing Director

Data Literate by Design


Rachel Fojtik is an Experienced Senior leader in Analytics, influencing change in behaviour, company culture and improvement with data.  She has managed high performing teams that deliver across a myriad of knowledge areas. She is passionate about delivering information that sees results, using collaborative design and development and has a demonstrated history of setting up teams that deliver end to end business intelligence implementations. Rachel has always had a great interest in creating great visualisations and would like to share what she has learned—and is learning—with you. She has learned these skills over the past two decades implementing analytics toolsets, leading analytics projects and teams in tourism, banking and finance, energy, telecommunications and healthcare.  Rachel’s latest industry has been healthcare where over the last five years she has overseen the implementation of an interactive user friendly visualisation tool from scratch. Her focus today is helping organisations and individuals become more effective with data, creating a level of data literacy and competency to enable an Insight or Data Driven organisation.


Who should attend?

Whether you’re a senior leader presenting to a board and other stakeholders, an analyst needing to find a better way to present findings, or a manager needing to work using a data-driven approach, if you need to communicate numbers, make presentations, submit research findings this is for you.  Will suit all skill levels.