Contract Management for Projects in Queensland

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19th Jul 2022



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This presentation delves into the world of building and construction contracts, as they operate within Queensland, Australia. It emphasizes the importance of a well-constructed contract and the proper understanding of how they operate.

It explores the different Standard Australian Contracts that are commonly used within this field, as well as the terms that are commonly included with these contracts.

It further explains Extension of Time clauses and variations associated with these agreements.

There is also a discussion surrounding how recent events, such as Covid-19, Wars occurring overseas and flooding in Queensland can affect the completion of construction projects and the legal ramifications of resulting delays.

Learning Objectives

A participant should leave this seminar with a resolute understanding of

  • The complexities of the building industry and the importance of understanding the building contracts,
  • The various Australian Standard building contracts and which contract is the most appropriate an a given scenario,
  • The operation of “Payment claims” and “Payment schedules”.
  • How the SOPA Act affects Building contracts.
  • How to successfully lodge or defend and extension of time claim.
  • How to use the Critical Path method (CPM) effectively.
  • The effect of Covid-19 and global events on building contracts.
  • How variations are claimed, and the affect building contracts.


Featuring Our Speakers







Harriet Warlow-Shill

Founder + Principal

Warlows Legal


Harriet is Founder + Principal of an innovative firm with a focus on client service, dedication and excellence.  Warlows Legal is a rapidly growing Melbourne based law firm established on 1 March, 2021.

Harriet has significant experience interacting with clients at senior management and board level as well as managing and controlling charities, construction, start-ups, and litigation areas of Law.  Harriet has worked on and supervised a wide range of corporate law matters including general corporate and commercial advice.

Harriet assisted on Native Title, Refugee and Aboriginal rights, and assisted with a high-profile Aboriginal rights matter that went to the High Court of Western Australia. She has worked on a number of matters that have resulted in significant reported decisions clarifying the Security of Payments regime.

As a consequence of Harriet’s work, Harriet is well known to and respected by her clients, other lawyers and key regulators.  Harriet’s expertise and reputation has made her a natural first stop for clients, some of whom she has worked with for more than 20 years.

Harriet’s professional involvement in some of the most highly respected organisations has been acknowledged with great accolade.

Who should attend?

This dynamic presentation is suited to anyone interested in the building and construction industry in Queensland. In particular, start-up construction companies, building contractors, junior construction lawyers, Law students, developers and owner builders.