Category Management Virtual Masterclass

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25th May 2022


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Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane (GMT+10): 9am to 5pm
Adelaide (GMT+9:30): 8.30am to 4.30pm
Perth, Singapore, Malaysia (GMT+8): 7am to 3pm
New Zealand (GMT+12): 11am to 7pm



Category Management is a term so often used, but not many understand what it actually is. This one-day masterclass will help provide distinction between what Category Management is and what it’s not.  In a nutshell, Category Management is an approach to supply management where the range of products and services sourced by the Supply Management organisation are broken down into discrete groups of similar or related products and services. The idea is that a systematic, disciplined approach is applied to the category which is treated as a specific business function.

We will explore the common elements – understanding of supply and supplier base, segmentation and knowing what category market engagement is and how leverage category markets.

This will give attendees the opportunity to analyse their current and potential category; understand how analytics of market intelligence can influence category management plans; and help better equip Category Managers to become a category leader and trusted advisor within their organisations.

Learning Objectives

  • Know what is Category Management
  • Know where you are and where would you like to be
  • Understand Category Targets
  • Understand You as the “Category Buyer”
  • Know the market and how to approach and engage
  • Turn your analysis into expertise and understand category opportunities
  • Land those Opportunities

Featuring Our Speakers

Phill Dagnall

Procurement Manager

Incitec Pivot Limited. 

Phill has extensive experience as a category / procurement / vendor management professional in Information and Communication Technology; Retail; Health and Community Services; Urban Precinct; Facilities Management; Operations; Transport; Logistics and Commercial Business environments in government, private and not-for-profit sectors.

Phill holds an MBA from the University of Queensland as well as a Graduate Certificate in Procurement and Supply Chain Management obtained through on the job training whilst living and working in the UK.  He has worked extensively as a senior category and sourcing professional in the UK, New Zealand and Australia.

Throughout the course of his career he has developed and honed exceptional category management skills, along with stakeholder relationship management skills with extensive experience in successful business negotiations, relevant to organisational procurement functions. Phill has a deep understanding that effective end to end procurement process and strategic procurement lifecycle management, best-in-class procurement performance and capability will “value add” to an organisation.

Phill has a passion for promoting the procurement industry within various environments.  He has been a member of the Australian Supply Chan and Logistics Association for 6 years.  He was highly commended at the National Supply Chain Association Awards for work he undertook whilst employed by UnitingCare Queensland on the St Stephens Private Hospital in Hervey Bay, 2013.  He has held committee responsibility for the Queensland component of the association, coordinated the association National Mentor Program and also been on the association’s National Conference Committee.

Phill has also spoken at a number of industry forums.  He was invited to speak at the National Health Procurement Conference in Melbourne 2013, chaired the National Finance and Procurement Conference in Sydney in 2014, guest speaker at the GovProcure conference in Canberra 2015, and was guest speaker at the National ICT Procurement Conference in 2017.  Phill has also guest lectured at the University of Queensland on a number of occasions.

Phill is a family man, he has 4 children, twins, boy and girl aged 22 and 2 daughters aged 14 and 12.  He also is passionate about Australian Rules Football, having played throughout his teenage years into his early 20’s before injury got the better of him.  He has a love of Cricket which he continues to play and manages a team in a local over 40’s competition.


Who should attend?

All category managers, new or old, in-experienced to the experienced professional. This masterclass will be invaluable for any individual designing and developing category management capabilities within an organisation.

  • Category Managers, Analysist and Support Officers
  • Contract managers, Officers, and Administrators
  • Procurement and Supply Chain Managers
  • Business & Project Managers

Topics Covered

  • Understand your Category
  • Category Sourcing
  • Category Portfolio
  • Category Management is a benefit
  • Determining Your Category’s Performance
  • “Supercharging” the category