360 Degrees EA/PA Online Summit

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23rd Mar 2022


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Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra  (GMT+11): 9am to 5pm

Adelaide (GMT+10:30): 8.30am to 4.30pm

Brisbane (GMT+10):8am to 4pm

Perth, Singapore, Malaysia (GMT+8): 6am to 2pm

New Zealand (GMT+13): 11am to 7pm



In such a fast paced and prominent role it is often difficult to find the time, space and support to stand back in order to evaluate and plan how best to move forward and grow your role. The role of the Executive PA and Administrative Professionals is increasingly complex and demanding, requiring great skill and dexterity at many levels – managing relationships, information and communication flows between executive board members; troubleshooting a multitude of requests via email, telephone and paper; managing projects, changing priorities and logistical details. All this while underpinning and supporting the organisation’s business strategy at the highest and most influential level. An exhausting, and at times an isolated, position to be in, while simultaneously appearing to be calm, composed and in complete control. The 360 Degrees EA/PA Summit will give EA/PAs an opportunity to focus entirely on the development of their own role and the business relationship they have with their Executive. By attending this summit, delegates will develop their management, communication and influencing skills, and learn how to build a strong professional identify within the organisation. They will learn how to proactively lead and develop their role to meet and exceed the support expectations of their bosses. Delegates will gain a deep insight into the significance of their role to the management team and the organisation.

Expectations and pressures are high and, just as many executives benefit from executive coaching, so too can the motivated Executive PA in order to complement and strengthen the working relationship between Executive and Assistant. This 1- Day Power-packed 360 Degrees EA/PA Summit can transform how you develop and influence your own career as a professional and ambitious Assistant.

Learning Objectives

  • Handle change positively – be it a change in manager or position
  • Inspire and motivate your team for optimum performance
  • Manage your work/life balance – using confidence to create time
  • Create a personal career strategy – proven steps for creating an individual development plan
  • Remove the mental barriers that impede confidence and impact you make at work.

Who should attend?

  • Personal Assistants
  • Executive Assistants
  • Administrative Managers
  • Senior Principal
  • Principal Secretaries
  • Confidential Secretaries
  • Executive Secretaries
  • Senior Personal/Special Assistant
  • Human Resources Managers
  • Clerk of House of Assembly
  • Special / Executive Asst.

Topics Covered

  • Building a Successful EA/Administrative Professional Career in the Current Climate
  • Managing Difficult Conversations and Resolving Conflicts
  • The power of your Digital Footprint
  • The New Quotients
  • Successful Communication Strategies in a Changing World
  • How to Revolutionise the Way You Work in the Inbox
  • Think Smart, Work Smarter
  • Sail Through the Corporate World with Excellent Communication and People Skills
  • Move the Mountains: Changing Your Boss Attitude towards the You
  • Building Greater Alignment with Your Bosses and Organisational Goals

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